Something Came to Me as I Stretched.

First of all- I need to have someone take some serious progress pics of me ASAP.

Second of all- I need another 2 hours added to each day to accomplish all that I need to accomplish…


I was just taking a moment to stretch my back and my hamstrings before calling it a night.   I first placed my hands on my knees bent forward, sticking my butt out, and pushing my hands down on my knees to stretch my spine enough to getting a relieving crack out of cat cowling while standing.  Then, I bent forward, slightly bending my knees, and hugged them while trying to stand on my legs with them as straight as possible.   This is not an easy task, especially considering that in my 4 months of working out with Paula, I have stretched 2 times a week on average and that was usually because my muscles signaled me that something had to be done or the tightness I’ve been feeling won’t go away… So while I was pondering this, a thought came to me.

Just like everything else I am learning through training as I have been,  I realized that flexibility is such an enormous part of life, just as being strong is- because you can’t have one without the other (you can, but your balance will be off).   A flexible body leads to a flexible mind- an open mind.  A strong body leads to a strong mind- an empowered mind.

An open mind.

An empowered mind.

Think about what a lethal combination it is to be open-minded… living in love and faith in the universe…. but also being empowered- strong in your convictions and knowing what you deserve in that strength, refusing to settle for less… that combination is the answer to the question “what is the equation that equals an abundant mindset?”

A strong body + A flexible body = An abundant mindset.

Thoughts become things.  A open, loving, strong, convicted, empowered mind thinks positive thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes…anything is possible and trusting that is an abundant mindset.

Who wouldn’t want that for themselves?

SO- remember to stretch and mark progress in your flexibility just as you do with your training- the more flexible you are, the stronger you will become.  The stronger you become, the less likely you are to injure your body with improper/stiff form (or bad food/poor habits)… Mindful stretching with deep breathing will oxygenate blood.  Oxygen-rich blood flushes stretching muscle fiber, helping to revive mineral stores & grow torn tissue.  Building new muscle will help to make your body stronger and protect your joints and bones along the way… Get stronger & get stretchier.  You won’t regret it.


I look forward to stretching more, now.




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