My Mantra this Year.

2017- Slow down. Speak. Stretch & Shoot Write Up to the Next Stage. 

2016- “Grow & Show” taking the ideas in my mind for what I wanted in my life and growing them into a live version of the image they held in my mind.

tree_of_life_australia-816x1024So this year-

Slow Down– self explanatory.  But more specifically- slowing down to really take care of the things that are serving my higher self.

Speak– I have felt as if my communication and lack of saying what I really want (not worrying about upsetting others when I disagree with them and bury how I feel to avoid “losing” them) has been off.  I also recognize that when I get ill, it is usually from my throat up through my head- leading me to believe that my throat chakra is blocked, if you will.  I want to clear that up by next year. Haha.


Stretch– Another self explanatory one.  I watch animals and how they automatically stretch when they wake up, there is a reason for that.  I used to stretch every day 1st thing when I woke up- started from laying down, arms stretched up, legs stretched out- elongating myself.  I am starting to get back in the habit of that simple stretch- However- my workouts are seriously hindered from my lack of slowing down and taking time to honor myself and do something as simple as seriously stretch my legs.  When I was 18, I tore my ACL and years of babying my right leg in fear of hyperextension has left me with a very tight hamstring and tight tight calf muscle.  I often find myself getting shin splints if I walk too quickly and some shoes make it worse than others.  My leg-day training sessions with Paula cause severe foot pain on the outer part of my feet & an even tighter hamstring that goes right up into the bottom of my right glute.


Shoot–  Simply put- take more photos on my camera- or maybe do more shoots as the subject- who knows- that scares me.  It has been a while.

Write-  Here.

Up to the Next Stage– This is the big one.  Stages- Many different stages.  In life, in love, in relationships and physical stages.   I am experimenting (since July 2015) with this whole seriously manifesting my life (got a mentor, trainer, went back into real estate last year- all on a specific schedule I had planned out for myself and it all went accordingly.)  And this year is the next stage of that.  I am also competing in a fitness competition in June on stage. I am scared of both, but don’t deny my true ability succeed.  I also wrote “apply Douglas Elliman” on my chalkboard in my closet sometime early last winter, and this past November they reached out to me 🙂

My training started with Elliman yesterday, Monday January 9th, 2017.  I am inspired.  I hope that the inspiration I feel is maintained, and I am aware that maintaining that inspiration is going to be on my behalf.  It is going to mean work, every day.

So I will be building my business, learning about sales & understanding how to become a buyer myself so that I can afford to relax and do my art/creative/&spiritual stuff and make money that way.

I intend on getting on stage whether to speak to an audience and inspire- poetry- or singing on stage ( and in this case, hopefully a small stage, nice and low).

I think it is so important to do things that we are scared of so that we continue to grow.  Life is grouped into many stages which have potential to lead us down unpredictable and unbelievable paths.  I say unbelievable because it is growth from doing things you’re afraid of that take you to places you never imagined possible for yourself.  That process, while it’s happening, is so much less painful, too, so long as your focus is on point and you know what you’re shooting for.   It is more painful to not do what your heart yearns for you to do.

So although we are already a bit over a week into the new year, I encourage you to come up with a mantra that you recite every morning when you wake up and begin to witness how your decisions you make all begin to reflect whether or not they serve what it is that your mantra exists for.  What you are you trying to create?  Every single thing you do (and think) is a decision.  How you think is a choice.  The way you think is a habit, and it is the most important habit you need to understand about yourself.  So, if you know there is an “over there” that you are trying to reach, and you give yourself the gift of creating a year-long goal of repeating that mantra to yourself on a daily basis (specifically first thing in the morning)- watch how the habit of your thoughts change from being erratic, to having a central core to which they begin to revolve around.  I am not saying you or I will get it 100% of the time- but I promise you that you will begin to see a grand shift occur and you will not regret taking the time to create the mantra- Your mantra is the seed that you will watch form from an image (imag-ination) in your beautiful, strong, and powerful mind to dreams real-ized.  Manifested.

Goodnight and much love to you all-



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